Airbnb Reviews


Reviews are written at the end of a reservation through Airbnb.Β 

Terrance Brunner

Was truly the perfect stay to get myself situated in Hawaii. I can’t say enough good things! 🌺

September 2021

Nelson Dias

Very Nice People!

April 2020

Caleb Campbell

Thanks for a great stay, Janel. Please come back anytime πŸ™‚

March 2019

Laura Noose

Janel and her friends were fantastic guests! Janel is an excellent communicator, along with helpful and cooperative, she went out of her way to keep me informed of all details. And she left the house clean as a whistle! Can’t wait to have her back πŸ™‚ glad you rallied there at the end! And you’re correct, your friends are great people.

February 2019

Tina Johnson

Wonderful person as well as guest. Quiet as a church mouse

August 2018

Louis Waldman

Janel is the most wonderful guest! Neat, kind and gracious. And a very interesting person to talk to. Having her share my Austin bungalow was a total pleasure!

January 2017

Justin Reynolds

Janel was a fine guest. She communicated clearly.

January 2017

Dillar And Keri Schwartz

Awesome guest! I would host anytime. Easy to communicate with and super clean.

January 2017

Jeni Mackey

Hosting Janel was great! She was an amazing guest and left the room in great condition. We would highly recommend her and would be happy to host her again anytime.

December 2016

Aristotle & Carla Khairzada

Janel was very nice and polite in our communication. She left the room clean and in order. We would highly recommend her to any potential host.

December 2016

Marie Soutyrine

Janel was very welcome in our house. She is so quiet and clean. Come back anytime, Janel! πŸ™‚

December 2016

Dabbi Falah

Nice guest

December 2016

Mariah Flint

Jenelle was passing through and had a short stay in the evening time I trust that she got some really good rest and enjoyed herself she look at all of the hiking brochures so I think she went on a hike today and I hope she comes back soon

December 2016