Russell Crosier
We were familiar with her previous work for other projects and clients, so we entrusted Janel with our wedding photos. Janel, I know we’ve told you before but they really are so very gorgeous, and we could not be happier with them. A few months later, the need for some aerial photos and video came up for an important I was making. Janel happens to have a commercial drone license so, of course, the decision was an easy an easy one. And again, I couldn’t be happier with results, and the drone footage was a crucial part of the presentation’s success.

Paul Freedman
I worked with Janel on a number of videos: some product presentations, some event recaps, and even a couple cooking shows. She is able to both shoot and edit and she can manage other videographers to get multiple angles. Over the course of a few videos we worked out a process for communicating about edits. The videos are having good results for our business so I would recommend Janel to others.

M Allen
By a stroke of luck, I found Janel Sterbentz to help me with my first film. I had a script in need of some compelling Broll footage. And Janel’s vision took my film far beyond my own imagination. Not only did she bring compelling visuals to my film, but during a somber passage she injected a moment of comedic relief which made the story even more accessible and powerful. HOW HOT IS IT GOING TO GET? would not be the film it is today without Janel’s creative insight and technical expertise. She is also VERY FAST with her turnaround times and responsive to email. Her work is worth every dollar, and I look forward to working with her again.

Eduardo Garza
Janel’s innovative eye and attention to detail features greatly in the wonderment exhibited in her films. She filmed a poem I made, a poetry event and edited/filmed my music video. Thank you Janel!

Lynn Tejada
Janel is such a great problem-solver, I love working with her!

Greg McPheeters, Senior Engineering Manager at SnapNrack
I have had the pleasure of working with Janel on a wide range of video and website projects and have always enjoyed working with her. Janel has a unique eye for things that results in very creative and interesting videos! Even if I don’t have the vision for the final product in the beginning, she can often piece things together and we can work the final details out from there. She is also a great website designer!

Oaday Awadalla, Proteus Digital Health
Janel jumped in on a tight deadline to produce amazing work! She was organized, communicated clearly, and was joy to work with.

Ian Nieves, Co-founder, CEO at UtilityList.org
Janel was a fantastic videographer to work with. She delivered a full solution including audio, video, editing and was prepared to handle interviews as well as presentations. She delivered quickly, on-time, on-budget, and was a pleasure. I highly recommend her and her work.

Doreen Pichotti, Director of Old East Davis Video Project
Janel is a highly skilled and creative camera person and editor. She is very cooperative, positive and easy to work with. She makes intelligent decisions and really understands what the client wants. Everyone loved the final video she created.

Yolo Mambo
Janel was quick to respond to my inquiry and gave us the product we wanted in record time! Thumbs up!


30 Google reviews

Mike Collins
This is our second year working with Danny to produce our LBM Executives Dinner and M&A Seminar. Danny has done a stellar job each time. He is attentive, proactive and professional. Danny did post-editing work for us in a timely fashion. He pays attention to details that we missed, which helps our marketing initiatives. Danny goes out of his way to address nuances of the project that he doesn’t have to. He has a passion for his profession and it shows in the final product. We anticipate having a long-standing relationship with him and look forward to it!

Karla Richardson
Being based in Chicago and hosting events in San Antonio, I was very concerned about hiring a videographer I could trust. Danny has consistently knocked it out of the park. He’s my “eyes and ears on the ground”. He produces a top notch final product. It’s refreshing to work with Danny, as he takes care of things in a thorough fashion so that I don’t have to worry. Looking forward to a long-standing business relationship with him.

Jennifer Allen
It was essential to get Dr. Temple Grandin recorded during her recent trip to San Antonio. Danny and DEKO 37 were professional from the very beginning to completion! We only had one chance to get it right and they nailed every detail perfectly with their production! Highly recommend as a go-to for any video production needs you may have! They are now my go-to!!


Ra.be, 333
Toni, first and foremost, is a contagiously bright woman. Her zest for life and extremely warm and engaging personality is a gateway for feeling at home and bringing forth one’s most inspiring self to the camera or medium of choice. In our work together I felt seen as an artist, heard as a co-creative visionary, and also like I was in trustworthy hands to bring our artistic vision to it’s full potential. These are all such crucial elements that match her eye and skill set and am very grateful for our collaborative work together, and utterly stoked on the outcome of our project.